Disappearance of Lenny Dirickson

Lenny Dirickson

Leonard Neal Dirickson, known to everyone as Lenny Dirickson, was a 39-year-old man living near Strong City, Oklahoma, with his 19-year-old son Jared. Lenny was a dairy farmer, and his farm was near Cheyenne, Oklahoma. On the morning of March 14, 1998, Lenny prepared breakfast for himself and his son Jared, and they ate together … Read more

Ken Mcelroy a devil met his end

ken mcelroy

Ken McElroy (June 1, 1934 – July 10, 1981) was an American criminal and convicted attempted m*rderer residing in Skidmore, Missouri. Infamously known as “the town bully,” McElroy’s unsolved k*lling garnered international attention. Throughout his life, he faced numerous accusations, including as*ault, child m0lestation, statutory r*pe, arson, animal cruelty, hog and cattle rustling, and burglary. … Read more

The Disappearance of Rahma El-Dennaoui

Rahma El-Dennaoui

Rahma el-Dennaoui is a girl from Lebanon who now lives in Australia. Rahma’s parents are Hosayn el-Dennaoui and Alyaa. Hosayn is a migrant from Iaal, Lebanon, while Alyaa is from the nearby village of Dayranbouh. She disappeared on 10th November 2005 when she was only 19 months old. That morning, she was in her bedroom … Read more

The Mysterious Case of Jaidyn Leskie

jaidyn Leskie

Jaidyn Raymond Leskie, born on April 30, 1996, in Australia, was the child of Bilynda Murphy (now Williams) and Brett Leskie. Tragically, Jaidyn was m*rdered in 1997, with the cause of d*ath believed to be head injuries. Despite extensive public interest, numerous leads, and the arrest and trial of a prime suspect, the case remains … Read more