Steven Damman

Steven Damman, son of Jerry and Marilyn Damman, vanished along with his sister Pamela on October 31, 1955, while he was left in a stroller in front of a bakery on Long Island, New York, United States. Pamela was found unharmed a few yards from the shop, but Steven, aged 2 at the time, was never located. Authorities believe he was abducted.

Following his disappearance, Damman’s family received several ransom notes demanding varying amounts, including $3,000, then $10,000, and later $14,000 for his return.

However, these notes were deemed hoaxes or “cruel pranks” by the police. The ransom letters sent in late November were ultimately traced back to a Queens College student unconnected to Damman’s case.

In 2009, John Barnes from Kalkaska, Michigan, came forward, suspecting he might be Steven Damman. DNA testing conducted by the FBI laboratory in Quantico, Virginia, revealed that John Barnes and Pamela Damman Horne, Steven’s sister, did not share the same mother. As of 2024, Damman remains missing.

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